Kelsey Aberdeen, B.A. (Hons)

Honours Student (2016-2017)

Kelsey completed her Bachelor of Arts, Honours degree in April 2017. She conducted her Honours thesis titled “Child ADHD and Maternal Depression:The Impact of Reporting Issues” under the supervision of Michelle Ward, Kristene Cheung, and Dr. Jennifer Theule. Kelsey also conducted a meta-analysis on parenting stress and child ADHD in the summer of 2016, funded by the Undergraduate Research Award. Both of these projects are currently under review by journals. In September 2017, she started her Masters at the University of Manitoba in School Psychology (comprehensive stream).

Esthée Freynet, B.A. (Hons)

Honours Student (2016-2017)

Esthée completed her Bachelor of Arts degree with Honours in April 2017. She conducted her Honours thesis titled “The Efficacy of Child-Parent Psychotherapy on Attachment Security: A Meta-Analysis and Systematic Review” under the supervision of Brenna Henrikson, Jennifer Barnes, and Dr. Jennifer Theule. Esthée is currently undertaking advanced studies for Yoga instructors and plans on applying to graduate school in 2019.

Hayley Riel, B.A. (Hons)

Honours Student (2015-2016)

Hayley recently completed her honours thesis titled, “Treatments for Selective Mutism: A Meta-Analysis” in the FDPL. She plans to move to Nova Scotia in the upcoming year to pursue graduate studies.

Janelle Boram Lee, B.A. (Hons)

Research Assitant / PURE Student / Independent Research Student (2014-2016)

Janelle completed the BA psychology honours program in April 2016. As a research assistant in the FDPL, Janelle completed a meta-analysis exploring the link between Child maltreatment and ADHD (funded by the Psychology Undergraduate Research Experience award). She also worked as a research assistant and independent research student for meta-analyses exploring the effectiveness of psychosocial treatments for tic disorders as well as preventative attachment-based treatments.  Janelle is currently working as a research coordinator at the Department of Clinical Health Psychology with Dr. Norah Vincent at Health Sciences Centre. 

Amber Yaholkoski, B.A. (Hons)

Honours Student (2014-2015)

Amber graduated with a Bachelor of Arts-Honours in Psychology in April 2015. Under the supervision of Dr. Jen Theule and Kylee Hurl, she completed her honours thesis titled, “Efficacy of the Circle of Security Intervention: A Meta-Analysis”, which was published in May 2016. She will be beginning her Masters in Clinical Psychology in September 2016 at the University of Manitoba under the supervision of Drs. Janine Montgomery and Brenda Stoesz. 

Karlie Wilkie, B.A. (Hons)

Honours Student (2014-2015)

Karlie completed her Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in April 2015.  Her Honours thesis titled, “Evaluating the Efficacy of Equine Therapy Among At-Risk Youth: A Meta-Analysis” was conducted under the supervision of Sarah Germain and Dr. Jennifer Theule. Subsequently, she presented this research at CPA 2016 and published the manuscript in Anthrozoos journal. She will be starting the Master of Occupational Therapy program here at the University of Manitoba in the Fall of 2016.

Chelsea Dudar, B.A. (Hons)

Honours Student (2012-2013)

Chelsea completed her Honours thesis under the supervision of Dr. Jennifer Theule in April 2013. Her project focused on parental factors impacting kindergarten-aged children’s academic motivation. After completing her thesis, she decided to put her education on hold to start a family. She looks forward to continuing her education once her kids are in school.